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11 August
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This is for me to post color bars I've found that I like. I'm getting way too many in my main journal's userinfo, so I'll eventually move them here along with posting any others I find that I like.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not take credit for any color bars you see here, unless it says it was created by me. Most of these will be bars other people have made that I thought looked nice. ONLY bars that say "created by: mewmew" or "created by: mewmewcolors" will be made by me.

I will NOT be putting these colorbars behind an LJ cut, so if you don't want them taking up space on your friends page, don't add this journal to your friend's page. The point of this journal is to show off colorbars that I like, that show my interests. It defeats the whole point if I put them behind a cut, where most people won't see them. So, if you put this journal in your friend's page, please don't complain about things not being behind a cut.